Fidelis Chaka

Postal Address: PO Box 97845 Baker st. 567, Los Angeles, California, US. Phone: +8 (800) 659-2684 Skype: Arthurteacher Email: arthur@masterstudy.com Web: stylemixthemes.com About Arthur Springs Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elites. Nulla convallis egestas rhoncusa. Donec lorem facilisis fermentum sem, ac viverra ante luctus vel. Donec vel mauris quam Proin vestibulum leo eget [...]

Christian Kant

E-Learning Administrator

5 Years experience using Odoo, Moodle, and WordPress. Administration of Linux server and company staff trainer. Basic experience Adobe Illustrator

Razvan Pais


Programming Mobile and Desktop apps for Android iOS Windows and Mac
Odoo & Server Administrator
Photoshop and Illustrator design

Sarah Johnson

Mobile Apps & Web

Before engineering, I developed and implemented CI (Continuous Improvement) management systems in companies across America in various industries to include a military finance organization.

Leonardo Bonucci


Having years of Industry experience, he works on many project and at present he is providing Consultancy for many renowned IT companies.

Rochelle Tanner

Design conceptor

From a mechanical perspective, I’ve designed most of the same systems I program. My competencies in this area include full design, 3D modeling and drafting of assembly.